Privacy statement


By contacting us or using our services, you agree to authorise us to use and store your data and contact methods, which have been provided.

We will use this if we contact you regarding your enquiry.

This data is stored on our own systems, which are password-protected, with 2-stage authentication and stored on secure servers.

We will never sell, or share this data with anyone else!


We may, on the very odd occasion, contact you about a promotion that we think you would have an interest in.

Our current subscribers know that we very rarely do this. In reality, this will be no more than 2-3 times per year. 

The last thing we want to do is bug you!


If you have a Facebook account and interact with our site or pages, Facebook will give us a basic profile of you.

This is nothing sinister, it’s just a way for us to see the profile type of the people that visit our pages.

No personal information is given to us, just your basic demographics.

This then allows us to know what type of customers are best suited to and want our information. We can then look to advertise to this general demographic, via social media or other platforms.

We may, on occasion, look to show an advert to you on your Facebook feed, as we may have asked Facebook to show an advert to our subscribers

This is known as re-targeting and is why you sometimes see adverts on a website that are to do with a site that you previously visited.

Again, nothing sinister, it is just a way for us to let you know about a product/promotion via Facebook, rather than us emailing you.

Opting out:

As mentioned above, the last thing we want to do is bug our customers and will only ever contact you if we really feel that we have something of interest for you.

We are not one of those sites who will be emailing you every few days.

You are welcome to contact us at any time to ask what data we hold on you.

This will generally be:


Email address

Postal address (used to send a product/prize to you)

Phone number (if provided)

You can ask us to dispose of your data at any time and we immediately will.

We want you to be happy and get value out of any correspondence that we put out there, if you do not, we respect that and will not contact you again, period.

If you want to unsubscribe from our mailings, please use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email that has been sent to you.

Alternatively, please use our contact us page to get in touch with us.

That’s it really. We tried to keep our privacy page simple so that normal human beings can read it :)

Please let us know if you have any questions.

All the best